Monday, December 15, 2008

Did Those Shoes Smell Like Roses, Bush?

Photo Description: The journalist is dressed in a suit and tie while reporting for al-Baghdadiya news.

I have been laughing all day long just thinking about the video that I woke up to today. In case you haven't heard about it already, President George Bush made a little surprise visit to Iraq today where he had shoes hurled at him by an Iraqi journalist. You have to see it for yourself. There are several videos that captured the footage but al-Jazeera is the only one I've seen that explains what hitting someone with a shoe means in the middle eastern world.

Muntazer al-Zeidi is a journalist for al-Baghdadiya who managed to throw, not one, but two shoes at President Bush before being tackled and led away. You can hear him yelling "Here's a kiss good-bye, you dog!" as he pitches them. If Bush means what he said about not feeling the least bit threatened by it, I'm sure he'll ask the Iraqi government to treat Zeidi accordingly.

By the way, isn't the mosaic of Bush Sr. that can be seen in the video footage just beautiful?


Anonymous said...

Muntazer al-Zeidi was beaten MSNBC reported today and it is not clear what is going to happen to him from here.

dmarks said...

I never support violence against speakers in any environment, and this includes the very low-level violence of throwing things. Even pie-throwers.

Someone's right to object should stop at touching the person or hitting them with anything.

"If Bush means what he said about not feeling the least bit threatened by it, I'm sure he'll ask the Iraqi government to treat Zeidi accordingly."

A short jail term is what is needed, no more no less. And this is for the assaultive aspect of it, not the protest aspect. At least it is not like under Saddam, where the guy would be shot quickly for the protest aspect.

Beating, as reported in the comment, is way too much punishment for this.

bint alshamsa said...


I support people's right to defend themselves and I see Zeidi's actions as being just that. Heck, I think a good argument could be made for temporary insanity in our courts. After being repeatedly detained and held captive by the Americans and watching family members and friends tortured and killed by the same folks, I can understand if someone went on a shoe-throwing rampage and I certainly don't think that, given what he's experienced, jail time would do anything other than possibly lead the guy to feel an even greater need to do something in defense of those being attacked.

If I went to your house and bragged about killing your friends and family, I don't think anyone would find it unreasonable for you to try to use force to get me out of there. There's also the fact that he didn't actually hit Bush with the shoe, so it's hard to see how one could claim that what occurred was an act of violence. Maybe it was attempted violence, at best. If Zeidi deserves to go to jail, then what about Bush? Is he willing to sit in a cell next to Zeidi? If not, then no one is in a position to claim that this guy deserves to sit in jail either.

What's good for the goose and all that jazz...