Friday, October 10, 2008

More Political ignorance

Damn it! Why does this idiot have to be from MY state?!! *sigh*

By the way, as a child, I spent my summers in Shreveport, too. Nowadays, people of color have a significant presence in the local government. New Orleanians have voted lots of people of color into office and now even Baton Rouge has a black mayor who is wildly popular, even among many from the state's generally conservative white population. Sadly, some Louisianians haven't reacted to these changes very well.


Anthony Kennerson said...

I'm thinking that it's more of a North Louisiana thing, Bint.

I'd actually posted about this fool over at the SmackChron last Wednesday:

The SmackDog Chronicles: ...And Then, There Are TERRORISTS..."


Daisy said...

Ohhh, I know EXACTLY how you feel... every time Lindsey Graham opens his stupid fucking mouth...

Yobachi said...

I'm from Bossier, though I haven't lived their in almost half a life time now.

I vividly remember David Duke's run for Governor when I was in junior high.

In regards to not reacting to changes very well; you might be interested in a piece I wrote last night:

Obamas Campaign Has Failed to Transcend Race - No, It Failed to Make Racist Not Be Racist

Yobachi said...

Also, I guess that idiot doesn't know that Louisiana is solidly McCain with no chance of Obama winning, so his one more vote won't really even matter.