Thursday, September 18, 2008

Survey on Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming People

Via Summer,

Hello Beloved TF Colleague!

You probably are aware that the Task Force's survey on discrimination
against transgender/gender non-conforming people launched last Thursday.

We have had a HUGE response to the survey to date, with over 3,000 people
taking it, which – unbelievably – makes it the largest data set on
trans/gender non-conforming experience in US history.

All of us involved with the survey are thrilled by the response, but we hope
you can help us make this data collection effort break new ground in our
understanding of the depth and breadth of the challenges facing our
trans/gender non-conforming brothers and sisters!

How can you do this?

(1) Take the survey!!

If you identify as gender non-conforming in any way, please take the time to
record your experiences and be a part of this historic effort. We want the
survey to capture the full spectrum of gender expressions in our communities
and record how prejudice and discrimination gets activated across that very
broad spectrum.

(2) Forward this link:

We hope to have a data set of 10,000 or more! We also want to make a
special effort to reach very low income trans and gender non-conforming
people, and folks living in communities of color. If you have networks that
extend into these communities, please go the extra mile so that our data
reflects the broad spectrum of trans/gnc experiences.

(3) Please note that the survey is long. We apologize for its length
upfront, but there is so little research in these communities that our
research agenda is broad. How does economic discrimination affect housing?
How does homelessness interact with health care? How are documentation
challenges figuring into access to education and work? Please encourage
people to complete the survey despite its length. Have a survey party!
Encourage your friends. Thank them for the gift of their story.

Thank YOU, for all of your fabulous work. After collecting the data, the PI
will analyze the numbers and create a report that will be critical in local,
state and federal battles for pro-active legislation that covers gender
identity and expression.

Help us pass better laws! Ask your friends and colleagues to take the


Jaime Grant
Director of the Policy Institute
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
1325 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005
202-281-6689 (cell)


shiva said...

Is this just for people within the US?

GallingGalla said...

Bint, thank you for linking to this.

I filled out the survey. Pretty comprehensive, though I found some of the q's a bit confusing.

One hole: Although they did ask about success / failure of changing your gender marker(s) and fallout from that, they should have also asked about name changes, as I have had substantial problems over the name change.

Shiva: US residents only.