Monday, September 22, 2008

Send a Message for the UN International Day of Peace

Description of Image: Written in a font that incorporates symbols from various world religions, the word "coexist" floats over an aerial view of the planet Earth.

Please, let me raise my daughter in the kind of world that would allow her to keep her childhood optimism about the future. Your children deserve to inherit a world that will be safe, too. The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed (peace be upon him), Gandhiji, and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. all preached the value of peace. Their examples have taught us that the creation of a more peaceful world is the only legacy one can be proud to leave on this planet after our time here has ended.

Send your message to the world's leaders in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace and it will be delivered to them on September 23, 2008 when they gather for the 63rd annual General Assembly.

Image Description: Pablo Picasso's "Dove of Peace" holds an olive branch in its beak.

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