Monday, September 15, 2008

ADAPT Takes Direct Action in Washington D.C.

Right now, I'm feeling absolutely wistful. ADAPT is in Washington D.C. engaging in (non-violent) direct action campaign to try and motivate Congress to pass the Community Choice Act that would allow people with disabilities to remain in their homes instead of being forced into prisons nursing homes in order to receive services that the states offer to those who are institutionalized. They are out there making it happen and all I can do is watch for the updates to see the pictures of what's going on. *sigh*

This is something that everyone should be concerned about. In less than a minute, you could go from being non-disabled to joining the ranks of those who are currently being locked up against their will and isolated from their family, friends and community despite having committed no crime. That is the reality of many of my PWD sisters and brothers.

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