Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Who We Are

In "Tu, solo tu", BrownFemiPower expresses some powerful body-positive emotions about her identity that I think are nearly identical to the thoughts of many people who identify as disabled.

Every woman has the right to know she's not alone, that she's not crazy, that her 'problem' is really what makes her the necessary and desirable human being that she is.

Yes, this! It isn't a problem. It's who we are. Like the smell of my partner's freshly-bathed skin when he climbs into bed with me at night. Like the face he makes when he's passionate about something. It's all those things that make him who he is. His disabilities are no different from any of those things: The way he always sits kinda crooked because his back hurts more on the left side. How he never notices my perfumes because he hasn't smelled anything in years--literally, anything. He's always making people nervous when he stands around while everyone else is sitting down (because the chairs might be too low for him and it would hurt to have to get back up from them). I don't know what our relationship would be like without our disabilities. He wouldn't be him.

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