Thursday, September 04, 2008

Don't Pick on Palin

It just isn't fair.


Rob said...

Let's pick on Palin. Oh, my...yes!

Bluebirdy said...

Hi Tulip! I was led here from Umm Salilah. I met her in a Muslim recipe group. She said you have lupus like I do. I'm married to a Muslim translator, and just know enough Arabic to know that Bint Alshamsa means daughter of Alshamsa. It's nice to read your blog and get to know you better. If you visit my blog you'll find lots of spiritual/Christian references, but don't judge me too quickly for that. I'm quite open minded and tolerant. I'd have to be, in order to marry out of my faith, and to get an advanced degree in world religions.
I see you also know about "Original Faith". It's so funny how we think we are meeting someone new in a new circle of friends and it turns out that they are connected with our circle of friends somewhere. I post there often and have become friends with Paul Martin because of both of our levels of disabiity. Lupus AND cancer? You're the first I've ever known with both. My Doctors always told me its nearly impossible to get cancer with lupus, but if it did happen, the chemo would kill me faster than the cancer. Good to know you!