Thursday, September 18, 2008

Any Tips for College Students With Disabilities?

NPR has a great little set of tips for those who have ADD/ADHD and are about to enter the college scene. I think that some of the tips are applicable for people with other disabilities but a few of them might not be.

My VanGoghGirl is at the age where she's already starting to dream about what it's going to be like once she goes off to university. I'd love it if when we are talking about it with her, we could help her envision it in ways that it will be and can be for her specifically as a person with disabilities. My adorable Ginger Boy is the same age as her and he is also a person with disabilities, though some of his differ from her's. My own disabilities are different from both of the kids and I'm not certain that I know how to address what their specific needs will be in order for them to have a successful college experience.

I was hoping that some of my sisters and brothers with disabilities who happen to come through here from time to time might be able to offer some tips for those in our community who may be about to start college or are in the stage where they are considering what sort of college is right for them. I'd love it if I could get the perspectives of any/all those who have some sort of disability; it doesn't matter what kind it may be.


Djiril said...

As a college student with ADD, I've found it very useful to know who I can talk to if I'm having problems. It really helps when I'm freaking out about assignments to simply talk to one of the counselors at Disabled Student Services. It's good to know from the beginning if your school offers tutoring and where it can be found.

It can also be a good idea to simply talk to the teachers before I start having trouble so I know where I stand with them and what they expect. I have heard of some people who end up regretting telling their teachers about learning disabilities because the teachers think it is just an excuse. I have never experienced this, but sometimes I avoid mentioning the ADD if I don't think it is important that they know. On the other hand, some teachers who I did end up telling have been very supportive.

Another thing that I find useful is getting a planner and writing down all the assignments from the syllabus on the first day.

cripchick said...

need more time to respond (going out of town today). don't let me forget that we need to talk about this! (among our other twitter conversations *grins*)