Sunday, August 03, 2008

This Isn't Just Our Imagination

You know, I wanted to believe that I was just remembering incorrectly. I wanted to believe that maybe people really didn't know that the people they were talking to were people of color. I wanted to believe that maybe this time it was different. I was wrong.

July 29 at 1:36am
Anthony Kennerson points out that he sees the picture as depicting people of color and identifies himself as a person of color.

July 29 1:43am
Renegade Evolution identifies herself as a Jewish woman who also saw the cartoon as racist.

July 29 1:50am
Gayle refers to those who have pointed out the racism as losers.

July 29 2:14am
Gayle says she thinks calling the picture racist is funny and pitiful.

July 29 2:22am
Belledame222 points out that some of the people saying that they are experiencing racism here are people of color and points out that several of us came to this same conclusion separately.

July 30 2:05am I identify myself as a woman of color

July 30 2:24 am
I identify myself as a black/mixed race woman of color

August 1 1:36pm
Sis/Pony refers to a woman of color as a shithead

August 2 10:45pm
Jen says "Might I also add that someone who assumes that every single, or at least most, women in the sex industries are there by choice, love their job, and have all sorts of agency and priviledge is fucking retarded?"

By the way, I should point out that Jen's comments were changed to read, "....and have all sorts of agency and priviledge is fucking [stupid]" without any mention of what replacing "retarded" with "stupid" says about radical feminism.


Kristin said...

Wow... Wow... I didn't know Jen's comment had been altered in that way. Ugh... That was such a disgusting thread. I was particularly horrified by the way in which the opinions of those of us who objected to the cartoon were twisted around such that... Heatr and "her women" suggested that we didn't *actually* care about racism as such, but that we were engaging in some kind of conspiracy to deflect from the anti-porn message. What?? Just, no. I saw racism because it was a racist cartoon, ffs.

bint alshamsa said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have seen it either if it hadn't been for the fact that I was going back through the thread to prove what I was talking about.

Yeah, Heart/CrunchyGranoladyke/Cheryl and her crew are a hot mess. I'd think that most folks would start to wonder "Hmmm, why is it all these people of color keep telling me that I'm being a racist?" but you know, I guess the clue train just doesn't pass through their part of the internets.

Nick Kiddle said...

It has occurred to some of them to wonder, but they just ask their POC friends and assume said friends speak for all right-thinking POC everywhere. I mean, clearly the ones who like Heart are smarter than the ones who disagree with her, right?

bint alshamsa said...

Nick Kiddle,

True dat. I recognize that's a tradition among these folks and all but it absolutely burns me up when people use their mixed ethnicity children as proof that some person of color says there's nothing wrong with what they did. I think to myself, "HELLO! It's your kid! What did you expect them to tell you?"

GallingGalla said...

"Mom, yeah, I think that cartoon is racist."

"Out, out of the house!! I disown you for upholding Teh Pat!!"

Lisa Harney said...

Ask their PoC friends?

I think some of them ask their white friends.

And the appeal to melanin always quiets everyone, because it makes so much sense, am I right?

annaham said...

Holy cow. There is a WHOLE lot of Not Getting It going on in that thread.

I don't have anything particularly insightful to say; what is going on in that thread makes me angry and sad that these are the people who supposedly "represent" radical feminism. Whatever happened to examining one's own privilege instead of, say, getting defensive and resorting to calling people names? There's nothing "radical" about either.