Monday, August 18, 2008

Get It Straight, Sil Vous Plait

What the deal with how Elizabeth Edwards is being portrayed in the reports about her husband’s philandering?

It might not seem like a big deal to other people but, I just want to yell into the television every time I hear someone refer to Elizabeth Edwards as “terminally ill”. This woman is not dying, at least any more than you or I or anyone else is dying. Edwards is still walking around smiling and talking and taking care of her children. What more does a person have to do to be considered among the ranks of those still living? Can we stop with the news reports calling this woman’s cancer “terminal”? Please? Yes, she does have cancer, but it isn’t terminal. It’s incurable. There’s a helluva difference between the two.

Oh, and would it be too much to ask for these two jerks to just shut?


Tera said...

*eyeroll at media foolishness*

And then there's what John Edwards told Bob Woodruff:

"First of all it happened during a period after she was in remission from cancer, that's no excuse in any possible way for what happened."

Then why say it, goofus?

Lisa Harney said...

Right, because the proper time to mourn someone who might be dying in the future is as soon as you learn they might be dying in the near future, not after they die.

For bonus points, tell them to their face "I wish I'd known you" or variation (something I've seen done before)

Shonda Little said...

Freakin' seriously, Rush Limbaugh? Attracted to a woman who uses her mouth for something other than talking?
I especially love the part where he talked about the self-restraint he uses.

This was a great post. I don't like the constantly termilly ill thing either.

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