Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Vacation

In two hours from now, we'll be hitting the road. The German, VanGoghGirl, YankeeGrrl (my cousin who is a couple of years older than my daughter), and I are headed to DisneyWorld for a week for our first family vacation. This will be the first time VanGoghGirl and I have gone; The German and YankeeGrrl have both been before but we've never gone together as a family.

Ten hours on the road will give us plenty of time to talk and watch movies and play Punch-Bug in the rental car. We decided to leave Mrs. Bugglesworth at home and we'll be riding in a tricked out Cadillac instead.

St Christopher's Prayer:

O Lord, we humbly ask you to give Your Almighty protection to all travelers.
Accept our fervent and sincere prayers that through Your great power and unfaltering spirit, those who travel may reach their destination safe and sound.

Grant Your divine guidance and infinite wisdom to all who operate automobiles, trains, planes and boats. Inspire them with due sense of duty and knowledge and help them guide those entrusted in their care to complete their travel safely.

We thank You, Oh Lord, for Your great mercy and unending love to all mankind and for extending Your arm of protection to all travelers.



sly civilian said...

you all are just too cute.

AnnMarie Kneebone said...


elle said...

hope y'all are having a wonderful time

Renegade Evolution said...

hope you're having fun, and not too hot out there at the theme parks!