Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama and his Bi-Racial/Multi-Ethnic Identity

My family is quite excited to have a biracial person receiving so much attention in the media because it's made people talk about multi-racial/multi-ethnic identity issues a lot more than I've ever seen before.

Perhaps, the kids in my family will be able to grow up in a world where it's a little bit easier to identify themselves as multi-racial without having their identities questioned. His life also provides an excellent example of something that I think is quite controversial in people of color communities. That is, whether families like his (where everyone but the child is white) can raise children who are people of color who are comfortable with who they are and don't exhibit any significant problems finding community within people of color communities. I can't tell you how tired I am of the tragic mulatta/mulatto stereotypes.


deviousdiva said...

Me too !

mary said...

I think everyone is bi-racial. My immediate ancestors are European American coming over anywhere from 300 years ago to 50 years ago. My German Grandma hates the Irish side of the family. Both are white but she would hate to be considered in the same sentence as an Irish person. She considers her kids "mixed" because they have Irish blood.


I think every human can trace ourselves back to Africa. So we are all biracial.

Anyway,I love Obama.

Earnest said...

Well said. If nothing else his run for the office has raised the level of discussion. By the way I am originally from New Orleans and Southeast Texas so I love that part of the world.



blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there...

Barack's mom married a Kenyan man...had Barack...and then married and Indonesian man...and had a daughter...so Barack's sister is biracial just as he is but she doesn't look biracial in many photos...Barack did not grow up in an all-white environment...he grew up in Hawaii so he was exposed to people of color and mixed raced children...THAT is different than a biracial child who is put in an all-white community and construct.

I think that those who have parents who are from different races SHOULD claim both sides of their ancestry... Tiger Woods was ridiculed for saying he was not ONLY black but also Asian but he was 100% right about that.... his mother has two Asian parents and his father had ONE black parent... therefore he IS multiracial.

Black people felt he was rejecting his black heritage but embracing ALL parts of your ancestry is not rejecting any one part.

Thanks for this important discussion!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

You are always welcome to stop by my house (blog) and share with us as much as you'd like! We'd love to see you!

A Jam C said...

I hope you're right about hoping that people will realize that your kids are biracial. I'm mixed black and white and I'm tired about being asked if I'm hispanic.