Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Steve Novick: A PWD Senatorial Candidate With A Strong Left Hook!

Via Brainhell's blog

Hurray for crip power! Steve Novick is a person with a disability who is running for office in the Oregon senatorial race. His platform is nearly the same as the one that John Edwards ran on: leaving Iraq, lowering the National Debt, and providing all citizens with health insurance. However, what makes him really stand out in this race is the way he's proudly showing off his disabilities and using them to highlight why he thinks he'd be a good representative for the people in his state.

Recently, Novick launched a series of campaign advertisements that I think are truly awesome in the creativity department. Take a look at his "A Beer With Steve" ad

and "To Tell The Truth".


cripchick said...

i was going to blog about this a few months ago but could never figure out where i stood. so you dig the commercials? i can't decide.

i'm all for a crip running but couldn't figure out if it was too gimmick-y, i.e. would people remember his positions or just that he's the guy w/ the hook? or would they do that anyways so might as well use it to its fullest?

bint alshamsa said...

I thought about that a lot too but, ya' know, it seems to me that most political campaigns are gimmicky and, if Novick looked as if thought his disabilities shouldn't be paid any attention to, I'd worry about whether he really identified as a PWD. The fact that he does show that he sees his disability as a part of who he is means that he might be more willing to pay attention to our issues. Maybe not, but at least you can see that he's not ashamed of being identified as one of us.

I can definitely understand why someone else might not really like the commercials, though. There's more than one way to look at it, as you point out.

cripchick said...

true true. glad you posted it.