Monday, November 12, 2007

What A Laminectomy Really Is

You wanna hear something really crazy? I just found out that I am missing part of my spine. I was talking to one of my doctors and I asked them to explain exactly what they did to me during one of my surgical procedures a while back ago. The doctor explained that they had removed part of my spine. Now, I knew that I was missing part of my ribs but I didn't know they had chopped on my spine too. Why am I just finding this out? I know that they do tend to try and put everything in very kind terms when it comes to discussing my cancer but it seems like this part should have been stated a bit more specifically. It's not that I mind them removing it. I just like to know what parts I still have and which ones are gone.

Little Sawed-Off Part of Bint Alshamsa's Spine

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Lisa Harney said...

Ouch! When I thought I had cancer a few years ago, I read about more than a few cases where a doctor had failed to fully inform his patients, or took unilateral actions that the patient didn't want to do. It was frightening how this would just happen.

It's not that this stuff is directly harmful, just... lack of information and occasionally consent doesn't help doctor-patient trust.