Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Second Life Transgender Day of Remembrance Event

If you have a Second Life, you can log on and attend the vigil that it taking place right now. The venue had to be changed. We are now at the following coordinates:

Pavonia 8, 72, 100

Everyone is welcome. Please drop by, if you can.


Lisa Harney said...

Oh, man, I should've known about this. I don't have an SL account, but I could make one... Well, not now, because I'm in the middle of other stuff.

Why did the venue have to change?

bint alshamsa said...

A lot of the grid was down earlier tonight, so it had to be moved from the original meeting place. It was really nice. There was a great turn-out and we had some great discussion afterwards too. I'm going to be posting the speeches that were given on my blog tomorrow.