Saturday, November 17, 2007

Proud Member of the FEMINIST Transgender-Acceptance Movement

Kim over at "Bastante, Already!" has a magnificent post about feminism and the acceptance of male to female trans persons. In "Because I'm Not A Transperson, Part Two", Kim explains,

When your politics or theory hurt other people they are wrong.
When your beliefs cement labels onto others, they are wrong.
When you refuse to let individuals express themselves in ways that harm none, you are wrong.

She also issues a call to action for all feminists.

I am one feminist who accepts transfolk completely.
Therefore, feminism does accept transfolk -- no matter what anyone else says to the contrary.
Who's with me?

I am. Will you answer the call?

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Lisa Harney said...

I blame Robin Morgan, Mary Daly, Janice Raymond, Andrea Dworkin, Norah Vincent, Germaine Greer, and those who took up their rallying call as if attacking a marginalized minority could gain them political capital.

We're defined as enemies of the party and the revolution and as such we must be attacked relentlessly. It's really depressing seeing this stuff over and over again, too.

Like most bigotry, the arguments against trans people are as flimsy as cardboard and as real as Saddam's WMDs. It's all hate speech intended to discredit us, and what we say about ourselves is ignored or actively repudiated.

What's truly loathesome are those like Heart who insist that they're allies and they care about us and our rights while out the other side of their mouths, they call us "men" and say they'll never support rights for "men," meaning us, and they argue that civil rights legislation for us must be stopped because it would somehow harm women's rights.

It's such a selfish way to approach feminist ideology.