Sunday, November 25, 2007

Michigan Governor Granholm Prohibits Gender Expression Discrimination

Michigan Bars Trans Discrimination

This is awesome news! I'm glad that Governor Granholm isn't waiting for our federal government to get its act together. Not only does this bar discrimination against transgendered people, it also prohibits discrimination against het, queer, and gay people whose appearance or identity doesn't match with what some may deem gender-appropriate.

It's nice to see someone doing the ethical thing even when it's unpopular with certain segments. This can only spread to more places. Once such laws are in place, they are difficult for future administrations to undo. Once you recognize rights, people aren't going to allow you to take them away without a fight. I wish I lived in Michigan so that I could vote for Granholm in whatever political position she seeks in the future.

The fact that a woman did this is even more impressive. It shows how much we can accomplish when we abandon the idea that we are unable to do anything except what men allow us to do. When we truly claim our power, no freedom can be denied us.

I'm not denying the fact that there are forces that oppress women or that we are often disadvantaged relative to other groups. However, we are more than just victims. We are capable of controlling our destiny. That's the message I want to pass on to my daughter. If we claim that men are in total control over the world, then we're not even giving women credit for the things they accomplish. That just doesn't seem empowering to me.


Anonymous said...

I just want to clarify, that this order covers only those employed by the state; it does not protect those employed privately (which would be the majority of employees in the state, I'd think).

queen emily said...

That's really good, and especially good that it seems to protect *all* kinds of gender expression. Woo Michigan :)

bint alshamsa said...

Queen Emily,

Yeah, isn't it funny how "pro-transgendered" advocates/activists support and create legislation that protects all kinds of gender expression? Why is it so hard for those who are "anti-transgendered" to do the same?

I know which one I consider to be the more ethical position to take.