Monday, November 05, 2007

Kick Teresa Carr Deni Out Of Office NOW!

I am a survivor of sexual assaults--yes, the plural is appropriate in my case. None of them resulted in a prosecution of anyone. How can I possibly explain with words how this has affected who I am. If I could remove just one experience from all that I've gone through in this life, it wouldn't be having cancer or lupus. It would be being a victim of sexual assault.

The cancer and lupus? I can deal with the stigma associated with being a person with disabilities. However, as much as I am against putting a hierarchy on oppressions, being known as someone who has been raped is just worse for me. So why am I talking about it here? Well, I think this is one of those times where I simply can not sit back in my comfort zone.

On September 20, in Philadelphia, PA, Dominique Gindraw and three of his friends raped a woman at gunpoint. Even though there was ample proof that it occurred, the judge who presided over the preliminary hearing decided to drop all of the sexual assault charges against Gindraw. Why? Because the victim had previously agreed to have sex with the defendant in exchange for money.

So, what did Judge Deni order the defendant be charged with instead? Armed robbery. She decided that what had occurred was not rape but actually "theft of services". Never mind the fact that she never consented to have sex with all of these men. Never mind the fact that they forced her to have sex with them at gunpoint. According to Deni, "She consented and she didn't get paid . . . I thought it was a robbery." When asked about this case, Teresa Carr Deni says she slept well that night after issuing her ruling. Well, I bet we're all glad to hear that, right?

This is outrageous! This judge is absolutely incompetent. Fortunately, the people of Philadelphia have the ability to do something about it. Tomorrow, Philadelphians going to the polls will have the chance to decide whether or not they want to give Teresa Carr Deni six more years to misapply and ignore the laws she is getting paid nearly $150,000 a year to uphold.

What this judge did hurts all women in that it makes it more difficult for any of us to get justice from the courts. When she has been victimized by the rapist, a woman is already forced to give all sorts of irrelevant information about her sex life anytime she makes an accusation of rape. Then, to have to go before a judge who claims that a woman being gang-raped at gunpoint is nothing more than a theft of services...Well, how many women do you think would be willing to put themselves through that? I'm not even a sex worker and I know I wouldn't.

The humiliation and mental anguish associated with being raped is excruciating even when you're the only one who knows it occurred. How can we get the rapists off the streets if we allow judges to send the message that it's okay to rape a woman as long as you think she would have willingly had sex with you under different conditions?

When it's your innocent little sister or your single mom out on a date and the guy rapes her at gunpoint, do you think you'll be okay with that argument?

See more here and here.

By the way, did I mention the fact that Dominique Gindraw went on to rape another woman at gunpoint four days later?


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No, I didn't. At least I don't think I did. Let me check my spam filters.

Anonymous said...

The part of this story you don’t know is that this was a manipulation of the press by political operatives, who purposely fabricated a twisted version of the facts right before an election, to smear Judge Deni’s reputation for political reasons that have nothing to do with the case they used to launch the campaign against her.

Once they got one paper to print their twisted version of the facts, the other papers piled on, repeating the false facts from the first story.

What you think happened is not what happened, and her political opponents knew they had her over a barrel, because the rules of judicial conduct prevent her from arguing the facts of a pending case in the press.

The operatives accomplished their goal, which was to create a public outrage to fan the flames of a public drum beat to remove Judge Deni from office.

Some people will not find it easy to accept that they were played.

Others who know how politics are played in Philly will acknowledge that what I am saying has a certain familiar ring of truth to it.

I have known Judge Deni for better than 30 years. I am telling you that what you read in the papers, and the firestorm that was created out of it, was a calculated political manipulation that had nothing to do with the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is pure stupidity. No proof of rape was given, so to convict them of it would be ridiculous.

belledame222 said...

oh CHRIST, the KathyHoganBot is -everywhere.- it must be nice to have P.R. campaigns ready to go at a moment's notice like that...

bint alshamsa said...

Yeah, I'm crafting a post about that right now Belledame. I'm also going to go on HER blog and do the same thing she's been doing here and on everyone else's space.

bint alshamsa said...


it seems the stupidity you're sensing may be your own. This wasn't a hearing to determine whether or not Gindraw was guilty of rape, so you haven't even heard what evidence the state has to present in this case. Given the fact that it was one of the guys who was present that night who refused to take a turn raping her and, instead, helped her to escape, it sounds to me like the state has a pretty solid case to be made against him.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could depress me more is if these guys get a worse sentence for armed robbery than they would for rape.

Anonymous said...

Let me talk my name is Dominique Gindraw,And I did not RAPE NO ONE at all,They didn't tell you that MY DNA was not in her and that she have a STD That I Don't have.I did not have sex with her at all,I was in college when I got locked up I didn't know nothing they I say I look like one of them,Now this fucked up my life bad do u think I will do something that will fuck my college up I was one of the good boy's that never got locked up befor this I never sold nothing or rob on one never I was alway trying to do good but where that got me now I feel bad for her if she did get RAPE because my lil brother was Rape so I know what that can do but I DID NOT DO IT!

bint alshamsa said...

I'll be damned! Look, I'm going to make this as simple as possible for you, Gindraw. I'm not buying your shit!

First of all, I've done DNA analysis so you're shit out of luck with that line. The fact that someone's DNA was not detected in the victim does not mean that they didn't rape her. Their DNA may have been present but wasn't detected or they may have raped her in a way that did not leave DNA.

Secondly, it was you and YOUR FRIENDS who are accused of doing this. Are your friends not able to tell the difference between you and someone who looks like you?

Next, I don't give a damn about whether you were in college when this happened. Am I supposed to believe that guys in college don't rape people? Sell that line somewhere else because I'm not buying it.

Oh, and you were one of the "good boy's that never got locked up befor this"? What do you want? A cookie? Even serial killers had some point in their life when they had never committed a crime.

I notice you didn't address the fact that you went on to rape another woman four days later. What, do you not have any b.s. excuses for why you are accused in that case, too?

You are a rapist. If it was up to me, you'd receive life in prison for your crimes, so don't come here looking for sympathy because you won't find it.

Lisa Harney said...

And guilty people never ever protest their innocence, right?

You were identified as a rapist twice in four days. How does that happen? And you were with other people who could also identify you.

Anyway, I'm sure you suffered horribly what with being charged for "theft of services."

Unknown said...

Seconding Bint here, Gindraw, you piece of shit rapist.