Friday, November 23, 2007

Grown-up Potty Language

Renegade Evolution has a great discussion going on over at her blog right now. In "Now then: Pornspeak, Part One" and "Pornspeak part 2: On the throne of 'persondom'", Ren describes pornspeak as "the language used in pornography; towards the performers, on the back of the DVD’s, or in the add teaser/trailer copy". It's the stuff that's often used by some activists to try and show how absolutely vile and despicable and unladylike porn is and why we should just ban it altogether and send those fallen women to reform school tout de suite! I think it's a very important conversation because of how often this language and the unauthorized use of images of sex workers is used to make the argument against women having agency with regards to their bodies.

Look, I wouldn't want to read pornspeak in front of my mother but personally, when I read it, it just sounds really silly. I mean, it seems like they string together a bunch of words just to excite the secret joy of using potty-language.

I remember being a kid and we'd take turns calling each other the most outrageous names we could think of. Nobody took it seriously. It was just fun saying words that we would never be allowed to use in "polite company". It was cathartic.

To me, pornspeak is just the same thing. I think we all have the desire to do things we aren't "supposed to do", like buying a box of me and my daughter's favorite cookies and then hiding them in my closet so that I can keep them all to myself. Maybe a preacher rents an R-rated movie so that no one in his congregation sees him sneaking into the theatre to see it. Maybe you convince your het male partner to walk around all day at work while wearing a pair of your panties.

This is a universal theme. Taboos are meant to titillate. People see them as a way to define proper behavior within a society, a way of keeping order but I think they serve another purpose as well. The more taboo something is, the more it can be used to relieve the tension that we all feel from having to conform to societal pressures day in and day out. Without taboos, we would never get that out. We'd probably, in my humble opinion, have a whole lot more murderers and domestic violence incidents and animal abuse because that sort of tension is going to push us to find sort of way to release it.

*The language below this point uses an example of pornspeak. If you may find such language triggering, then you might want not want to any further.*

If using/reading potty-language is all it takes for someone to relieve that tension, then good for them! It's just the grown-up version of the game we used to play. Calling someone a

"toilet-licking, mother-effin', son of a gun, pineapple-head"

as a kid, just turns into

"dirty little fuck fiends (are) naked and begging for stiff throbbing cock, and all the gooey jizz that cums with it".

It's just all really silly to me and I can't bring myself to get riled up by any of it.

I'm turning off comments on this post because I'd rather you go and participate in the conversation on Ren's blog. This is really her topic and I just wanted to put my words in a post here so that folks will know where I stand on this issue.

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