Monday, November 05, 2007

Creating my Statement of Beliefs

I've been thinking about how I could let people get a general idea of where I stand on several issues. There are some topics that I feel strongly about but I don't tend to write about very much. I don't know how this is going to turn out so please consider it a work-in-progress. I would appreciate any input on how I could do this and what general categories I should use.


Sex work
I believe that sex work should be decriminalized. I don't believe that there is any essential difference between agreeing to have sex with someone after they spend 100 dollars buying me dinner and agreeing to have sex with someone after they put a hundred dollars in my pocket. If I made a Pilates video and put it on the market, no one will claim I've done anything wrong even if someone purchases it strictly because they find it sexually appealing. If someone seeks to purchase a video of me with no clothes on, it's okay as long as Paramount or Columbia studios produce it. So, to me, there is no reason why those videos labeled as porn should be illegal nor are those who create these videos deserving of stigmatization.

I think that some drugs should be decriminalized. Let's face it. Marijuana is only illegal for two reasons:
1. The tobacco companies didn't want to compete against it and were able to lobby to have it made illegal
2. Virtually no politician is willing to fight for legalization because they'd have to risk being labeled "pro drug-use" the next time they came up for election.
I do not think that smoking marijuana is going to improve the health of most individuals. However, no one can deny that it's a pretty dern effective drug-delivery method for some. I think there are also some pretty good arguments to be made about the legalization of other drugs too. However, even if these drugs are not decriminalized, I think it is extremely unethical to incarcerate people simply because they are addicted to an illegal substance. There are also religious issues involved here. Indigenous people should be free to engage in their religious practices, including those that involve the use of mind-altering substances. If you want a reason why we should allow this, why don't we just start with the fact that we've taken every other thing from them and is it really too much to ask that they at least be able to practice bodily autonomy and a way of life that pre-dates our system of government by several thousand years?


Renegade Evolution said...

well, we know how I feel about sex work...

and weed should be legal, tis odd, I know someone who was severely, severely underweight, which caused him Many, Many health problems. he was perscribed THC pills to increase his deisre to eat (and be able to hold down) food. It worked. Weed HAS some serious uses.


Yes, I agree with your position on sex work. I went to a feminist conference in Vancouver and attended a specific workshop on the sex trade industry in Canada. While people always associate sex work with street prostitution, I learned that there's really a whole hierarchy--street prostitution being at the higher risk part of the spectrum, and private high-end escorts being the more "privileged" demographic. Like any industry, the sex trade is truly a microcosm of society at large. Sorry about the long post but I guess I had a thing or two to say about this topic! ha ha ha! Check out my blog sometime: