Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Animals "R" Us: Part One

Marti's post about some dog meat spam she received (please excuse the pun) evoked some feelings I have about those who eat meat but then look down on people whose cuisine includes "cute and cuddly" animals (e.g. dogs, cats, horses, rabbits)

If I'm hungry and it's not poisonous, it's fair game. I'm from Louisiana. My paternal grandfather's family was poor. When they had no money for food, he and his siblings would go out and hunt snakes to eat so that their family wouldn't have to go hungry. I care about animals a lot. I don't think we should just kill them for the fun of it because I think that would be disrespectful (according to my spiritual/world view). However, for food? Look, we're all a part of the food chain. There's no opting out--not even if you're cute and cuddly.

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Lisa Harney said...

For me, the line is drawn when the animal is a pet, not when the animal could be a pet.

Like, if you want to eat cats, that's fine...just don't eat my cats.