Friday, November 16, 2007

The Afro Project: One Year Later

I stopped perming my hair last November. In June it was still really short. Since the, it's grown like wildfire. I can't even hold it down with the cute little headbands that I use to wear! I let VanGoghGirl take some pictures of it so that we can chronicle my transformation from "civilized negro" to "militant black chick".

picture of me looking down at the camera

Me smirking at the camera


ben said...


That is all...


Kevin Andre Elliott said...


Interestingly, my fro has completely stopped growing. I haven't had a haircut since the last time I shaved my head (over seven years ago) and after about a year, it just stopped growing. I could show you a picture of me five years ago and one today and you wouldn't know the difference. I have my essential oils (Nature's Natural), which I use regularly to keep my hair healthy, it just doesn't grow any more.

Weird, huh?


jb said...

super cute!!

Zan said...

You look awesome. Plus, love the nose ring :)

bint alshamsa said...

The German says the first picture screams "Imma kick yo' ass and smoke all yo' weed!"