Wednesday, July 18, 2007

...To Miss New Orleans

One of my in-laws sent this to me a few days ago. It made me feel so sentimental for the pre-Katrina days...

Remember when....for N.O. folks

You knew Cash Money before they became famous and were living in the

*You know who UNLV is and what the letters mean.

*You went to
Man-Chu's for Wings

. *You understand that Red Pepper is different than
Cayenne .

*You remember Manuel's Hot Tamales.

*You were never crazy enough
to eat a Lucky Dog from the cart in the French Quarter.

*You know about
Hank's, St. Roch Seafood, Deanie's and Jaeger's.

*You know which
sno-ball stands have the soft ice.

*You know that Creole tomatoes taste
different than the regular ones.

*You know how to pronounce some of our
crazy names: Dejoie, Robicheaux, Hilaire, Villere, etc...

*You know what
people are talking about when they say "across the river".

*You know that
damn near everyone from N.O. is Creole.

*You remember the furniture
commercial "...come see the special man, let her have it"!

*You had to
get a new ESPRIT bag from Krauss or Maison Blanche every school year.

*You either had a Medallion Chain, Ring, or Bracelet. Was N.O. the only
city that had JESUS or CHRIST head rings?

*You remember the pie man...

*You remember the old lady on Canal Street singing old gospel hymns in
front of Krauss with her karaoke machine...

*And how about ya boy on the
corner of Canal and Carondelet trying to get everybody at the bus stop
to be saved, with his bible in his hand...

*For those Greater St.
Stephen members, remember the lady that sold cakes and pies outside church
after service. God bless her soul.

*The ultimate best - Easter Sunday on
the lake - everybody was there and you couldn't hardly drive your car
down the street because everybody was showing off.

*When they mention
the B.W. Cooper on the news, you're confused 'cause you know all the
projects by their old names... Magnolia, Calliope, Desire, Florida ,
Iberville, St. Bernard, etc...

*Someone has told you that you look like you
from the 7th Ward...

*You still sing " Rosenberg 's,
Rosenberg 's...1825...Tu-lane!"

*You remember the " Seafood City " commercials...

*You went to
Bachemin's Meat Market on St. Bernard or Patton's on Delery for hot

*You can't get pickled tips anywhere but New Orleans and
surrounding cities...

*You know what "snap beans" are...

*You don't eat
everybody's gumbo or potato salad (definitely)

*Once you met your
girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) mother or grandmother they asked, "Who's your
family?" or "Is your family from the 7th Ward?"

*If you or someone you know
is related to a Broussard, Boutte, Pichon, Doucette or Mercadel they or
you are from the 7th Ward...

*You know where the "Point" is on the
Lake ....

*Your mama used to whip yo tail with Daniel Green slippers...

*You remember Pontchartrain Beach ... How about The Bottom Line, Discovery,
Whispers, Crash Landing and Nexus

*You still want to sing or scream
"Hey Pocky Way " *You know "It Ain't My Fault", "They All Axed for You" ,
"Who shot the LaLa", and "Mr. Big Stuff"

*You only ate Chinese food at
Chinese Kitchen or Five Happiness...

*You remember that manager (with
the Jheri Curl) at Circle Food Store...

*No matter what part of the
Eastbank you are from, you will drive to Haynes to get seafood from

*You remember when Harrah's Casino was at the Municipal
Auditorium (calling out all casino visitors:)

*You went to a St. Mary's and 35's
Talent Show (to go to any school's talent show was a big deal!)

thought McMain, the birthday cake school was for the nerds.

remember Maison Blanche, McKenzie's, Tastee Donuts, D H Holmes, Times Savers,
and KB

. *You lived in Michoud and people didn't want to visit because
you lived too far...

*You knew what the 3rd floor at Charity was all

*Someone asks you where you are from and you reply 9th ward,
Uptown, the East, Gentilly, Downtown or the Westbank! (you never give your
street name).....

*You know that THE GAME at Tad Gormley was 35 vs. St.
Aug, and that was a major social event, even if you didn't go to either

*You refer to the French Quarter as "the quarters" and really
don't go to the Quarters like talkin' about it, just when you have
family from out of town that want to go there...

*You refer to St. Bernard
Parish as "The Parish"... *

You know how to pronounce Tchoupitoulas...

*You know that Mardi Gras really goes down on Claiborne under the
bridge and not on Bourbon...

You knew if somebody important or ghetto died,
there would be a 2nd Line....

*Dressing up to go "uptown" or "downtown"
(depend where you lived) aka Canal Street .

*Going to Woolworth's to
eat at the lunch counter.

*You bought po-boys from the corner store.

bought frozen cups from the lady down the street or yo' mama was the
lady down the street who sold them...

*Eating those good donuts at
Woolworth (and they were greasy!!)....

*You know what huckle bucks are...

*You used to shop at Krauss...

*You always got a new outfit for Easter
off Canal Street ....

*Someone at your job used to sell "suppers"...

know where Lincoln Beach or Little Woods is... *

You remember "Buck Jump

*You know who Harry Lee is - so you don't hang in Jefferson

*Y! ou take the Huey P. Long Bridge to get from The Westbank to the
*Eastbank, 'cause you don't want to pay that dollar on the Crescent
City Connection...

*You end each sentence with "yeah" or (now the
youngens say) "ya heard me? Example: "It's hot out here yeah" or "Holla at
cho' boy, ya heard me?"

*Your maw-maw "made groceries" at Economical on
Gentilly and Elysian Fields or Venus Garden on Dryades St ..

*Your maw-maw
referred to mayonnaise as "my-naise"

*You drank "earange juice" and
got your "earl" changed in your car on the "cordner"

You went to the
"Lafitte" or Orleans & Claiborne to watch the Zulu Parade...

*You remember
the "Gondola" and the "84 World's Fair"

*You piled in a car with
cousins to drive pass Al Copeland's house to see the Christmas lights and
then spent the drive home talking about how he stole the recipe from an
old black man...

*You USED to refer to Betsy as New Orleans ' worst storm
(not anymore)

*You were looking for YOUR house on TV during the CNN
coverage of Hurricane Katrina...

*You got tears in your eyes after reading

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Daisy Deadhead said...

Ohhh, I am so sorry, Bint.

I can't imagine the pain that so many must feel. :(