Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Song In My Head

Yesterday, The German let me hear that "I've Got A Crush On Obama" song on YouTube. Now I keep humming it in my mind. I know what must be done. I'm going to have to let someone else hear me singing it long enough to implant the song in their head instead, so I'm on the hunt for a victim. All you Hillary supporters look out!


Veronica said...

I heard it on Weds or Thurs, and cannot remember the melody at all. Guess I lucked out.

Ktrion said...

Okay, I haven't heard the song.

I totally know what it is to get a song stuck in your head, though.

You prob'ly don't want the one in my head, which is "IT Takes A Woman" from Hello Dolly

Which is a big improvement from two weeks ago, when it was a zillion songs from Jesus Christ, Superstar.

but still!