Monday, May 07, 2007

Hillary Clinton Allies Herself With FireDogLake

The majority of the comments on this post are ridiculous. Even though the FireDogLake regulars may choose to remain unaware of why so many people have a problem with Clinton's guest-blog, those reasons still exist. The racist rants of David "T-Rex" Ferguson, Hamsher's completely disgusting and unprofessional responses to those progressives who dare to criticize her positions...Need I go on?

Clinton definitely sealed the deal with a lot of potential supporters by this latest move of her's but it's probably not in the direction that she wanted. When she and her husband held the liberal blogger's luncheon in Harlem back in September of last year, many of us in the blogosphere pointed out the quite conspicuous fact that there were absolutely no people of color or people with disabilities to be found at the event. When Peter Daou, who organized the event, claimed that this was just the first of many such events and that bloggers from these other groups would be among those in attendance, some were willing to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt. However, this never materialized and now, to top it all off, she goes and allies herself with the most blatantly racist elements of the democratic blogosphere.

I have to wonder, what does her campaign think this says to the more intellectual and/or informed Democratic bloggers? Did FireDogLake's support help Ned Lamont? That blackface picture is simply the one that got the most attention from the media; It's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ethnocentric, racist, and crude posts on FireDogLake.

As a feminist, I so wanted to see an intelligent woman like Clinton in the presidency. With regards to the Clinton couple, she is, in my opinion, the smarter of the two. However, being smart does not mean that you are concerned with the interests of people of color or people with disabilities. If the elections were held today, I see no reason to prefer Clinton above the other Democratic hopefuls.

Ignoring minority groups might not have made much of a difference in former races for the democratic nomination. However, with the presence and popularity of Barack Obama, she can ill afford to disregard them. Decisions like this one may well cost her a sizable chunk of voters. In fact, given her actions, I think she may well deserve to lose them to Obama.


ben said...

Ugh. One would think FDL would be radioactive to a national politician at this point, but i guess they never learn.

"first of many events."

And of course, that turns out to be pure bull.

Thanks for posting this...

Unknown said...

Wow. I don't read FDL any more so I had no idea they were this co-opted by the Fabulous Clinton Dinner.

But you know what I was thinking? If I could put blackface on my blog, WHICH I CANNOT, I'd take that icky Chris Muir panel of Hillary in blackface (you know the one I mean) and recaption it something like "It's great to be here at Firedoglake, where I feel right at home..."

Ravenmn said...

I never liked Hillary anyway, so I guess they deserve each other. Kinda surprising that they don't seem to mind all the negativity at FireDoglake.

belledame222 said...


cynically, i wonder if she ever actually even read the thing herself, or just had a staffer read her the highlights i.e. sycophanting in her own direction.

i am trying, and failing, to imagine how this is all going to end up.

maybe i better take another look at Obama. *sigh* i so just resent paying -any- attention to -any- of this shit right now. didn't we just do this? and, didn't it kind of end up spectacularly sucking last time? i'm not frigging Charlie Brown with the football here

FriĆ°vin said...

Howdy Tulip! Thanks for dropping by the kona ranch!

I haven't been to FDL in ages. Apparently the T.Rex storm has not abated. :-)

Blackamazon said...

Hold me !

* crawls under bints bed*

They really are trying to get us to go crazy now

Anonymous said...

Lol @ BA

FDL is a cesspit. Thanx for this post Bint. Agree with you completely.