Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was going through my blog roll to make sure that all of the sites I have listed were included in my google blog aggregator, so I clicked on one of the links because I didn't really remember whose blog it was. It turns out that this blog was actually a Zionist propaganda site. I hate even using the word "Zionist" because, next to "pr0n", there is no other word that seems to draw more agitated lunatics to one's blog.

Anyway, the blogger on my roll draws one-panel cartoons that further the claim that any action that Israel takes is acceptable and justified as long as Israelis aren't the target. My position is that it is never acceptable to kill innocent people. This view applies far beyond the Palestinian/Israeli conflict but I think it bears repeating here.

I think that all of us who care about what happens to the people living in Israel/Palestine need to to start asking more questions in order to understand why this particular conflict is still on-going. The first thing we should consider is,

"Who benefits?"

There is a huge body of evidence that shows the majority of Palestinians and Israelis just want to co-exist in peace. I place the most of the blame for the death and destruction squarely at the feet of the Palestinian and Israeli authorities governing their respective territory and citizens. They are the only ones in this contested territory who stand to gain from the perpetuation of violence.

Outside of Palestine/Israel, this conflict is also very beneficial for other governments. The United States can supply Israel with more arms which emboldens their government to wage war with its neighboring countries. This keeps them from becoming more powerful despite the fact that they happen to sit on the biggest supplies of the most valuable energy source on the planet.

While the United States is benefiting from the Israeli contributions to the intifada (political revolution), the Arab countries are exploiting the Palestinians in a very similar manner. As long as there is a war between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Arab governments can deflect criticism of their heavy-handed practices by appearing to care about the plight of Palestinians without actually doing anything significant to help them.

To make a long story short, I just wanted to clarify my position on this conflict and apologize to anyone who might have stumbled onto that link and wondered why I had it on my blog roll.

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