Friday, July 27, 2007

A Breakdown of Luckynkl's Idiocy

This is a post that I wrote back on March 25th of this year. I'm not sure why I never transferred it from my drafts list. I decided to post it now just because I took the time to write it and even if it's not a current conversation, it was an issue that was important to me.

You know, I was just over at BFP's site reading where she posted a small sample of the hate-mail that she receives. "Loved White One" sent her a message explaining that the cause of her financial problems. For all of you other folks who may be experiencing a few economic difficulties, here's a little piece of her advice that maybe you could benefit from:

"I’ve got another suggestion: Perhaps you are sad, depressed, and angry because you are lunging blindly through life without God and his only son, Jesus Christ. Perhaps what you see as 'white privilege' is actually God bestowing upon his adherents the rewards of faith."

Now if someone reading this sees some logic in this, please show me because I know plenty of people who are believers in "God and his only son, Jesus Christ". Yet, they are even more miserable and angry and dirt-poor than many of the atheists that I know. Are they just not believing enough and God is punishing them? I'm being sarcastic here, of course. Loved White One's notion is just ridiculous and counter to the actual messages that "God and his only son, Jesus Christ" commanded his believers to follow. God does not reward people by creating a system that is responsible for the oppression of marginalized groups throughout this country. That is man's doing. God has nothing to do with Loved White One's claims. Anyway, that person was just the regular run o' the mill religious lunatic. However, what was even more entertaining was the e-mail from Luckynkl.

Now you may be unfamiliar with this...hmm, what's the right word to describe someone like her? Let's just say she suffers from Rectal-Cranial Inversion Syndrome. I make it a point to stay away from armchair diagnoses but this is as clear a case as could ever be presented, so I'm pretty comfortable with my observation. Apparently, I am not the only one who has reached a similar conclusion about this waste of protein that is Luckynkl. A couple of folks on a LiveJournal thread got a good laugh out of her claim that female humans are parthogenetic. Yeah, that's right. Luckynkl claimed that men have successfully fooled us into thinking that human egg cells must be fertilized in order to make a baby. In other words, the next time you're ovulating, you'd better watch out because even if no sperm ever comes in contact with your eggs, it could just start developing into a baby. Perhaps someone should ask her where human offspring get those other 23 chromosomes needed to bring the total number up to the 46 that are found in most human beings on the face of the earth (people who are intersexed may have more or fewer chromosomes but are not cases of parthenogenesis). Anyway, that's just one of her finer moments. She's usually busy proving to the world that she's even more ignorant than the parthogenetic claims reveal.

Now, I know Nubian has discussed how we (women of color) should not devote our energy to engaging in discussion with these pathetic folks (they would have us believe it's just a coincidence that they are all white, American, self-professed "radfem" women) who like to visit our blogs and tell us about how awful we are for having the audacity to call ourselves ____ women. You can fill that blank with the word "Puerto Rican" or "Native American" or "Chinese" or "Jewish". And I think that Nubian has a good point. Those conversations can really wear you down sometimes.

However, sometimes, it's a helluva lot of fun to point at the monkeys and laugh. And that's just what these people are to me: a bunch of poop-flinging monkeys. Heart/Cheryl, Chasing Moksha, Luckynkl, Stormy, AmazonRage...There arguments and tactics are all the same. And before them, there were others just like them. Remember Nio and her crew of most-oppressed-in-the-world white women? Sometimes I wonder if there isn't a factory somewhere out there just pressing out white American women genetically imprinted to seek out women of color that they can convince to feel sorry for them and worship them. I wonder if maybe I could call them up and tell them it's time to update their systems because interacting with them is like talking to that old computer game Eliza.


deviousdiva said...

yeah Luckynkl again! we love to poke fun. I knew there was a REAL reason why I am sweating and suffering from the heatwave here and not everyone else. Because it's

"actually God bestowing upon his adherents the rewards of faith"

oh wait... everyone here is suffering too and most more than me! And 98% of the country are God's why are they all suffering. I'm confused. I'm off to lie down and cool off...

lol bint

brownfemi said...

girl, you brought up some amusing memories...i didn't know about spontaneous pregnancy thing. ::shakes head::

Veronica said...

I just CANNOT wrap my head around the fact that she thinks she can asexually reproduce...

sly civilian said...

"A couple of folks on a LiveJournal thread got a good laugh out of her claim that female humans are parthogenetic. "

That's a new one.

To the rest of the post...There are just a lot of folks who seem really incapable of bracketing their own experience long enough to hear another pov. and yes, the "what about the menz, white peoples, most oppressed heterosexuals, etc..." gets old. but some occasional listening is kind of required...unless your revolution will go with solitary ideologues committed to lockstep unity.

kactus said...

bint, so nice to see you up and writing :) Or even posting old drafts, I don't care.

Well, luckynkl is really, really out there. I think what she calls biology is really just wishful thinking. But no surprise there.

The surprise for me was how beautiful and sensitive was that post by g-m-r.

Professor Zero said...

I had a colleague, and a smart one at that, who nevertheless believed in the spontaneous combustion of persons. Apparently, this is a whole genre, and my colleague was hardly alone in his belief. I like it, too, in a metaphorical sort of way.

I just heard an interesting story from my mother, who was in a consciousness raising group in the early seventies. They were all white. One time they decided they should be in solidarity with women of color by going down to the barrio and asking them what they could do to improve their (the women in the barrio's) lives. I mean, swoop down like angels or something was the idea, and "accord agency" by not thinking for themselves first about ... boycotting grapes ... advocating for higher minimum wage and cheaper healthcare ... etc. ... and about not being so self-serving and condescending.

Renegade Evolution said...

Bint: aww, come on, REAL women don't NEED those other chromosomes!

Professor Zero said...

I've also heard, I cannot remember where, that you can produce milk without giving birth. Supposedly it happens if there is a baby whose mother has died, or something, so that milk is needed. ?

Daisy said...

And just remember, Lucky recently proclaimed that bell hooks is NOT a radical feminist. :P

The mind reels.

belledame222 said...

thanks for digging that one up, Bint. that I Words cannot express is.

you can't parody this shit.

and yeah, what kactus said: whatever else I've thought or said about ginmar-and i've had plenty--major props for that post, as well as the way she responded through most of that thread.

I was gonna say, I thought she'd been a lot more reasonable lately, in the places I've seen her; but that thread's from over a year ago, too, so.

Complicated person.

Lucky, on the other hand...oh my heavenly days.

Well, I remembered someone recounting getting into it with her wherein she, lucky, had been adamant that the fact that she has four daughters (! yes, she's a parent...) means that she COULD NOT give birth to sons, you know, she just WILLED it otherwise. i guess she wasn't exaggerating.


belledame222 said...

and yeah, definitely, some of these people would not pass the Turing test.

Tigera Consciente said...

"Sometimes I wonder if there isn't a factory somewhere out there just pressing out white American women genetically imprinted to seek out women of color that they can convince to feel sorry for them and worship them." LOL.. I needed a bit of a good laugh... thanks, hehe..

Ktrion said...

Thanks for this! I really like it. I really like you!

tigtog said...

She just dropped by Feminism 101, to tell me that she found the blog "disturbing" and that there's no such thing as a liberal feminist. I agree that the blog is more libfem than radfem, but I think we have our radfem moments too!

I hadn't seen her for a while, and I thought I remembered her being a dedicated contrarian, so I thought I'd google and I found this thread. What a hoot! Thankyou.

I have to wonder though whether she really exists or whether she's one of "Tony Palmyra's" fake radfem identities - she's so ridiculously extreme.