Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Saints & David Beckham

Could any New Orleanian ask for a better week than this one just past? The Saints won their first playoff game and made us all proud to be dedicated Louisianian football fans. I was completely hoarse by the time that game was over. The German and I checked out the Bourbon Cam and it looked like Mardi Gras out there in the Vieux Carre! People were celebrating in the streets all night long in some places.

The German has vowed to wear at least one piece of fan gear every single day until they play against Chicago next week. We'd have preferred for them to play against Seattle because then the game would have been held here at home. However, I'm hoping that whatever grace God has extended this city so far will keep rubbing off on our boys in black and gold even while they are playing in that monstrous-looking the "Soldier's Field" stadium out there in Chicago.

As a side note, I happened to live in Chicago back when they renovated Soldier's Field. It was absolutely horrible to look at and I kept hoping that maybe once it all came together, it would actually look nice. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone here says that the renovated stadium looks like a UFO crashed right in the middle of a Roman coliseum. I'd rather have to sit in the Superdome during a hurricane rather than watch a single football game from inside of Soldier's Field!

Speaking of football, I am still pinching myself at the news that David Beckham is going to be playing in the United States Major League Soccer for the L.A. Galaxy team. This man is basically the most famous athlete on the face of the earth and he's going to be playing HERE, in the United States! He had discussed the possibility of playing in America in an interview last year saying that he would honestly like to play in the U.S.A. one day but I was almost sure that he was joking. However, I guess he really was serious after all! When the L.A. Galaxy plays in Texas, The German and I have already made up our minds to attend the game. This has been the best week in sports that I can ever recall. Go Saints! Chicago watch out because "The Saints Are Coming"!

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Natalie said...

Go Bears!!!! (sorry) I too hate the horror that is Soldier Field. I completely agree with the UFO idea. I have oft thought it looks like one of Howard Roark's (the Fountainhead) buildings with some columns added later for posterity (it makes sense if you've seen the movie). I'm looking forwrd ot a good game!