Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa, You're Not Welcome In Hazelton, PA!!

Okay, the second I saw this I knew it had to go up on my blog. I know this is an unusual way of approaching this issue but, at this point, I think it's definitely apropos. Anti-immigration bigotry is just taking over the media and I'm tired of watching it go unaddressed.

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brownfemipower said...

i agree with you bint--there's some serious shit being spewed in mainstream news--there's a whole post up at msnbc.com (done by tom brokaw)in which he vows to uncover "The Truth" about illegal immigrants.

what follows is a bunch of baloney on how privileged immigrants are--how they present a danger in the schools, how they disclude poor little white kids who can't speak spanish, how they cost 5000$ to teach and then they only pay 1000$ in taxes....i mean, it's horrible.

i have a whole post in my head about this stuff--but some times, well, it's just painful to talk about...