Saturday, November 18, 2006

You Gotta Start Early With The Kids, I Guess

I was on EBay today and I came across a listing for this Barbie and Ken doll set:

The description for the item read:

**Barbie and Ken ARMY Desert Storm (Camouflage) GIFTSET! **
WONDERFUL !! From the Barbie Collectibles site: "This deluxe giftset features Barbie® and Ken® dolls in authentic desert battle uniforms of camouflage material. Both dolls wear matching camouflage jackets, pants, and vest, green over-the-shoulder bags, and maroon berets. 1993.

I don't even know what to say about this. Why in the world would you give your child something like this? What effect must it have on people if they learn to associate war with beauty and happiness instead of violence and death?


Mrs. J said...

OMG, This should be an installation in a contemporary art exhibit. Is it just me, or do they look creepily happier than the regular Barbie and Ken? What is included in that "deluxe set", I might ask?
Sick. Just sick.

belledame222 said...

yeh, i wuz gonna say, the happy happy toothy smiles just push it all the way over into the Twilight Zone.

Lovely D said...

With the way this last war has gone down the drain. I am not surprised. Actually as American people we should demand that they stop making this "particular" barbie. Barbie has great power and they are using her and ken to condition the children for the next war.
I don't have children but if you do a petition is long overdue. Wars are not for children any more than guns and drugs.

Anonymous said...

Where's your American Spirit? How DARE you criticize not only the American spirit, but the American Icon Barbie? Have you no heart?