Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: In Support Of The National Day of Mourning Today

Thirteen Reasons Why I will NOT Celebrate Thanksgiving

1. Because the Pilgrims, those idealized representatives of America's past, were actually MURDERERS who turned around and slaughtered the Wampanoag Native Americans who fed them and taught them how to survive in the "New World".

2. Because the Pilgrims never had any intention of making this "New World" a place of religious freedom. They simply wanted to be the shotcallers of their own area, where they could be the ones dictating what beliefs were acceptable. They even referred to themselves as the "Chosen Elect".

3. Because the bastards brought smallpox to this country and purposely infected the Native Americans with it by giving them "gifts" of blankets that had been rubbed against the skin of those with the disease--the first use of biological weapons in this "New World".

4. Because Thanksgiving is a perversion of a Native American religious ceremony in which this was simply one of several days that they observed throughout the year giving thanks to the Creator.

5. Because Columbus was a racist killer who literally used Native Americans as food for his dogs and captured Native American women and turned them over to his men to have sex with rape.

6. Because Adolph Hitler was inspired to create concentration camps after reading about how effective these were in bringing about the American genocide of Native Americans.

7. Because the American government has broken over 350 treaties signed with the Native Americans.

8. Because that racist bastard "Teddy" Roosevelt's face is still carved on the side of a mountain that is sacred to the people that he advocated killing.

9. Because the pseudo-religious propaganda of Manifest Destiny was a bastardization of the true message preached by the Christian messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

10. Because the invasion and theft of Native American land emboldened Europeans to go on to invade and steal innumerable citizens of African nations resulting in the deaths of over THIRTY MILLION deaths during the Maafa.

11. Because, under the laughable guise of showing respect, Wasi'chu make millions of dollars every year from openly selling merchandise featuring racial slurs like "Redskins" and using racist stereotypical depictions of Native Americans.

12. Because the only time Native Americans get mentioned in most schools is when it's in the context of them playing some subservient or inferior role in comparison to European explorers exploiters.

13. Because on December 29th 1976 I was born into this world as a Native American woman and on that same date in 1890, less than a hundred years before, 350 unarmed Native American men, women and children were ruthlessly slaughtered by drunken United States soldiers who were later issued medals of honor for their deed.

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Elayne said...

See, I don't think of Thanksgiving as that "pilgrims and Indians" mass media garbage that we're fed. I think of it as a harvest festival. Harvest festivals have been celebrated as long as there have been organized societies. And I love the idea of bounty and food and freedom from want. So that's what I'm celebrating, not some "buckly muskets" as The Firesign Theatre put it in their Thanksgiving satire "Pass the Indian Please."

bint alshamsa said...

I understand what you're saying Elayne but really Thanksgiving is no harvest festival. I don't believe that you can really erase the stain of human blood that this "holiday" is really connected to.

Elayne said...

I think more people connect genocide now to Columbus Day than Thanksgiving, and I prefer to honor the spirit of the harvest at this time.

brownfemipower said...

i agree bint--and actually, "harvest festivals" are generally celebrated much earlier in the year--mid october is the harvest moon and the church generally corrupted that harvest celebration such that halloween/all saint's day/the day of the dead erased that "heathen" holiday. the actual harvest day of celtic times was in august--and the reason we start our school semester in septemeber is because it was after harvest and all the children could actually be spared.

By contrast, thanksgiving day was campaigned into official recognition by a woman who's name I have forgotten during the civil war era--If I remember right, she was a northener who was scared that the u.s. was going to be split by the war, and wanted the day as a way to remember and recognize that "we're all still brothers". It was firmly centered on the war of the north/south, not the active war of genocide and colonization occuring in the west against native peoples--so you can be pretty certian that the "we're" in "we're all brothers" didn't include slaves, indians, chinese, mexicans etc--and that the loss of life she was concered about was white male life, not the lives of people of color.

Anyway, just took the long way to say that I don't think that thanksgiving is in any way connected to harvest festivals--

Anonymous said...

Hey Bint,

Next 'thanksgiving' you should come out to the Unthanksgiving sunrise ceremony and read this! :)

It is great to be in a place where decolonial thinking is presupposed...

brownfemipower said...

ps bint, you're YOUNGER than me!!!! You're so wise and amazing and confident, I thought you were at least 130 years old!!! :p

(I associate wisdom with age, so I'm really not being insulting!!!)

bint alshamsa said...

so you can be pretty certian that the "we're" in "we're all brothers" didn't include slaves, indians, chinese, mexicans etc--and that the loss of life she was concered about was white male life, not the lives of people of color.

This government didn't even consider us human back then, so I'm also pretty sure that you're right.

bint alshamsa said...


What?!! I thought for certain that I was older than you too. You're so passionate and active in the struggle that I just always assumed that you must be younger than me. I don't have half as much energy as you do!

P.S. no insult taken. I'm really looking forward to getting as old and wrinkled as I can because that means I'd still be ALIVE. So, as far as I'm concerned, bring on the grey hair and false teeth!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post. I've liked all your posts.

bint alshamsa said...

Thank you Donna, I really appreciate the comments you leave here too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've never read anything here before, but wow -- thank you so much for posting this. It's all I've wanted to see all week.

Bubba said...

Thank you for this very educational TT. I was marginally aware of the genocide that some of the founders of this country organized and executed in order to make room for us immigrants to live.

Sometimes I wonder what effect it would have if I followed your example, didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, and posted my reasons why on a blog. However, just when I think it seems to small a gesture to make a difference...I realize that MY eyes have been opened a little wider. It made a difference to me.