Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The South Dakota Referendum

The German made a comment last night that I just had to share it here. The humor and cynicism of it might not translate that well to this media but I'm posting it anyway.

He and I were discussing the elections last night after dinner. When it comes to his views, I'd say he's basically a "southern Democrat" or a "moderate Republican". It all boils down to him being a fairly conservative guy. Anyway, we were both making our predictions about each of the states in question and we eventually started discussing the South Dakota abortion ban referendum. We both wanted the abortion ban to be defeated but I was a bit worried that it might actually stand. I've been keeping up with this issue out there and it really had a lot more support than I'd like to believe was possible in this day and age.

Late last night the results came in and MSNBC announced that the ban had indeed been defeated. The German turns to me and says, "See! I told you it would be defeated. There's probably no more than five black men living in South Dakota but as long as there's a chance that one of them might actually impregnate one of their sweet little white girls, you'd better believe they'll keep abortion legal." At first I opened my mouth to tell him how terrible it was for him to say that but then I thought about this story that happened a couple of months ago. As much as I wish it weren't the truth, I think he may have a very good point.

Even though he and I have very different political views, there are certain times when both of us just shake our heads over the crap that goes on in this country. In the future, I think I'll write more posts on what it's like to live with someone whose views are so different from your own.


brownfemipower said...

that would be sooo interesting bint--i've thought about that a bit, writing about being married to a white man from an outright openly racist family--about how even with his "awareness" we still have some really horrible confrontations on the race issue--but what always stops me is "what if his family finds it?" That would start a blow up that I don't think would ever end. There's already enough tension as it is...

bint alshamsa said...

I didn't know that your partner is white, BFP. Anyway...Yeah, I'm really conflicted about writing on this topic. It's a hot issue here at home since my views were a lot different when we first got together. I don't want to fan the flames so I've just haven't put any of the posts I've written about this up on my blog. I think I am finally going to buckle down and talk about this because,

Hey, what the heck!! I've talked about every other thing that goes on in my life so I doubt this topic would really shock him if he read it. My main concern would be if my family came across it. His mother is like the coolest and least judgmental mother-in-law that a person like me could ask for. Why the heck couldn't The German have my parents and let me have his mom instead?!!

Hang in there, girlie! I'm going to e-mail you so that we can talk about this privately too.


Sewere said...


I've been reading your post for quite sometime since the issue with Nubian came up a few months ago. I'm completely hooked on the eloquence and ease of your writing style and the variety of issues you take on. I find myself learning a lot from you :-)

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that working in the reproductive health field and (trying hard) to be active in the anti-racist field, I'm often confronted with how the issues of racism and abortion intersect in policy. The cynicism you and your husband voice are real and very much alive in the hearts and minds of many white folk and (negatively) fuel their support of abortion rights.

Case in point, I wrote a short piece for Mixed Media Watch in July regarding an article that appeared in the New Yorker. As it turns out what your husband said isn't far from the truth at all. Check it out ---