Friday, November 17, 2006

PlayStation 3 Heaven

I was so excited about today that I could hardly sleep last night. Most of the time, I'm so stiff and sore in the mornings that it's hard to get going but not today! We dropped VanGoghGirl off at school and then went to Wal-Mart to buy some video games because it's cheaper to get them from Wal-Mart than from other places. After that, we headed over to EBGames. The people that we met when we camped out in front of the store the morning that they were going to start taking pre-orders were already there waiting for them to open up. I swear, I felt as happy as a kid in the candy factory.

When the employee came to the let us in, he locked the door behind us. Everything was quiet out here but there have been some really nasty incidents in other parts of the country, so they weren't taking any chances. Some of the stores, like Best Buy and Target, were going to have units for sale today so people have been camping out for days (weeks in some places) in order to be close enough in the line to be able to definitely get a unit on the launch date.

The game store where we got ours from only got enough units shipped to them to cover the pre-ordered ones. Really, we just lucked out because about four days ago Sony announced that it wasn't going to be able to fill all of the orders. That meant that some stores that were expecting to get 16 might only get five and some stores wouldn't get any at all. There's really nothing you can do in that case because, when you pre-order, they don't guarantee that they'll have a unit in by launch day; They do guarantee that you will have your unit by Christmas, though. We were very worried that the location where we'd ordered ours might not get as many as expected and since they were only slated to get seven units max, that might mean we'd only get one unit. We were pretty sure that if they got any in, we'd probably make the cut because we were number 3 and 4 in line.

In one city, some people who were camped out in front of a store on one of the nights before they went on sale a guy came up, pulled a gun on them, and robbed them. You know, I think it was pretty poor thinking to be carrying that much cash on you at one time. If I were them, I'd have brought a debit card or check and if I didn't have either of those, I'd have gotten a friend to come and bring me my money on the morning when the store was going to open. In some places there were small riots when the stores didn't plan well ahead of time and people tried to rush the store in order to skip in front of those who were already lined up outside. If you really want to see something crazy, check out the line at one store in Osaka, Japan:

This is the line at one of the stores in Tokyo:

That's pretty crazy, isn't it? My sister is in Japan right now and we were telling her that we each want a PS3 for Christmas and we asked her if she'd mind standing in line to get them for us. Of course, she refused. I can't say I blame her.

I guess I should get back to talking about our own morning.

The German and I had separate reserve receipts because they didn't allow people to pre-order more than one. I paid for mine and then he bought his and we got into our car as quickly as possible. Man, those PlayStation boxes turned out to be a lot heavier than I thought they'd be when I first tried to lift it. They are much heavier than the PlayStation 2 units. The German told me that each one weighs 12 pounds. With my arthritis and back pain it felt more like 20 pounds to me. Anyway, we went straight home and brought them inside. Here's one of the pictures he took of me sitting with our two lovely units, still in the box:

I know what you're probably thinking when you see this: Only a real geek would be smiling that hard while taking a picture of herself sitting with a couple of video game units. Well, you're right! I am an absolutely devoted PlayStation fangirl. In fact, I was pretty upset this morning because I wanted to wear my PlayStation "Live in your world, Play in ours" t-shirt today. Wouldn't you know it? The one day when I really want to wear it, I couldn't figure out where in the world it could have gone to. I bet that as soon as I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to find it stuffed under some place where I thought I looked. Oh well, at least I have my PlayStation 3 to console me. Get it? "Console" me. Okay, you probably won't get it unless you're as nerdy as me. If you are, and you don't already have one of these, let me tell you that it is well worth every buck.

Alas! This will probably be one of my last opportunities to take a picture with both of the units. We've already posted one on E-Bay to sell in order to take advantage of the extreme shortage and high demand for them. They cost a bit over $650 if you were lucky enough to buy one at a store. The average going rate is a little over $2,000 right now. All we care about is making enough from the one we're selling to pay for the one we're keeping. I may be a fangirl but there was no way we were going to buy a game system for close to $700. However, not everyone feels like I do.

We were watching on the news and out in Baton Rouge, a guy sold his place in line for $400. That's just crazy!! That means, basically, the person who bought his spot is going to be spending over a thousand dollars just to get a unit. There are enough hard-core PlayStation fiends that a few people have even managed to sell their unit for over $3,000. You know, I think that some folks just have too much money on their hands. I don't care if I was a millionaire. It's just obscene to pay that much for a game system.

UPDATE: The unit we put for sale was only up for four hours before someone bought it. Yeah!!!


bookish black chick said...

wow, so jealous. you got lucky. i wanted one, i guess i'll have to wait for next year.

Glad to see your doing well.


deviousdiva said...

Go Girl!!!

Kilimanjaro: High and Lo said...

happy holidays bint!!!!! i didn't get a chance to read everything but i love the picture :)D..i was just thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Damn scalper!

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