Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PERIOD underscore PERIOD

Okay, maybe someone can explain this small mystery to me. Why is it when my period comes, my flow is the lightest on the first two days and then heavier on the third? Then when the fourth day comes, it disappears and doesn't come back until the next day which is also a heavy day. I mean it--no joke. It literally ceases to be on day four almost every single month. Every once in awhile I have a three day period where it simply doesn't come back after the M.I.A. fourth day. Are the aliens breaking into my bedroom and stealing the contents of my vagina after the third day of each month's period? Hey, it's as good a theory as any, I figure.

I've been considering ordering the DivaCup. I'd heard of latex models of the same sort a long time ago but as I am a bit allergic to latex, it was never anything I could make use of. A few days ago, I came across information about the DivaCup which is made of silicon instead. There wasn't time to get it before this period but hopefully I'll be able to find an authorized retailer near here soon. I'm a bit leery about ordering one online. If anyone out there has used the Keeper or the DivaCup, I'd be especially grateful if you'd drop a comment in my box and let me know about any pros and cons you've experienced. I'm really allergic to most brands of maxi-pads and I'm only able to use the two brands I currently buy with the use of liberal amounts of diaper rash ointment as a barrier between my skin and whatever chemical concoction they make commercial maxipads from. Still, my body has taught me that sometimes it's best to leave well-enough alone. Any info, suggestions or warnings would be great. After all, what the manufacturers have to say is not exactly objective.


bookish black chick said...

hey, i've used neither but i have heard several good things about both. however, i was warned to take them out in the shower as it could get messy otherwise. Diva Cup for stores that sell it. and Orders Only: 1-800-500-0077 (US Only) for the Keeper. i think it's most effective if you are not squeamish about the touching yourself or blod.

in regards to the period, i have similar cycle. i think it has to do with hormones. are you very active? that can cause a change in it.

Donna Darko said...

Hi, Bint!

I heard the DivaCup is not as sturdy as The Keeper which I have used for three-plus years. Women seem to prefer the DivaCup but it can collapse which defeats the purpose. Just one opinion here. My period is about the same. Light, heavy, then it disappears and comes back.

Steven said...

Are the aliens breaking into my bedroom and stealing the contents of my vagina after the third day of each month's period?


Leave a note and ask them to be more consistant - all or nothing!

Steven said...

The DivaCup doesn't look very natural, but only you know what is best for you. Maybe someone has had a similar situation to you and can offer advice, there are lots of good sites out there but I think is at the top.

debbie said...

I have used both and I prefer the Diva Cup. It's much more flexible, so it's easier to insert. Also, you can boil it to disinfect it between uses.

Colleen Gleason said...

I have been using the Keeper for many years now and I love it. I have never heard of the Diva Cup, but what someone mentioned above in regards to the DivaCup possibly collapsing would be a concern to me.

But, again, I've only used The Keeper.

belledame222 said...

I have no idea why that happens. I have the same thing; or, well, sometimes. sometimes it can go for as long as two or three days before one last "ta-da!!" i think it specifically has to wait until i'm -sure- it's all over and am wearing something suitably light-colored.