Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wealth Perspectives

Lately, I've been seeking ways to feel better about some events going on in my life. Several of my best friends have been kind enough not to give up on me through this and one of them sent me a link to another cancer blog. The original owner of that blog normally referred to herself as CancerBaby but her real name is Jessica. Just two weeks ago, Jessica passed on from this life. I never got the opportunity to speak with her since I didn't find out about her blog until a few days ago. However, I've been spending some time reading the hundreds of messages that have been left for her family and friends. While doing so, I came across a few links that eventually led me to a site called the Global Rich List.

It's really easy to sit and complain about my lot in life every day but this site shows how much I have to be appreciative for. I have to admit that I do sometimes gripe about not having enough money to do all that I'd like to do, when it comes to finances, I am among the priviliged in this world. VanGoghGirl doesn't always like what we're having for dinner but she has never had to go even one night without having the opportunity to eat. I don't know how I would cope if I had to look her in the face and tell her that there was nothing I could do about her hunger. In actuality, my seemingly meager income falls within the top ten percent of the world's wealthiest people. When I look at things that way, I become more cognizant of how blessed I am to have a healthy child, a well-stocked pantry, two cars that run, steady income every month, and all else that I own even though there is nothing that makes me more deserving of these things than any of the billions of people on this planet who will live and die without ever having any of the creature comforts that I tend to take advantage of so freely.


Bent El Neel said...

Hi there
I just dropped by when I saw your comment on my blog.
I admire your spirit, you are a beautiful woman in every sense of the word :)
Thanks for your visit and hopefully, we will talk more in the future!

God Bless

Bint Alshamsa said...

ahlan wa sahlan ya bent el-neel!!

I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog and left a comment. Please come again and feel free to express your opinions on anything I say.

Egypeter said...

Hi there.

Found your blog through our mutual buddy Bent el neel. I'm a Copt living in Chicago and I just wanted to tell you how brave you are...not only for going through all that you have but also having the courage to share your story.

God bless you and I hope you are well :)

PAULA said...

Oh boy I don't know where to begin,I came across your blog and have read the whole thing from beginning to end and WOW what a amazing person you are.I lost my best friend to stomach cancer 5 months ago,which was also a very rare type,she was only 41.So to read your blog was like going back when I talked to denise,she would talk about eveything,sometimes I would almost forget she had cancer,so reading this helps me out alot,I am still grieving her loss,so to now hear someone elses story is great.I have put this on my favorites so I can check back and read your updates.God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers that you will be with us for many many more years,Paula

Bent El Neel said...

Ahlan beeki Bint Alshamsa :)

I also added your blogs to my links list. Stay happy and brave...see ya around!

Marcguyver said...

Truly America is a blessed country. And you are seemingly joining the 'few' who stop to actually appreciate that fact.

My trips overseas have left extremely grateful each and every time to be able to come 'home' to the good 'ol U S of A.

So many of us don't even realize what it is like to not have running water, or a house to sleep in, or food to eat each and every day. Let alone having to possibly deal with bands of murdering thugs and cowards.

Blessings to you in your journey to 'stay alive'.