Tuesday, May 16, 2006

10 Things You Might Not Know About My Life

I have met some people who think their lives are really boring but I think that if you ask them the right questions, you'll find that it's not true. However, that's no guaranttee that you'll actually be interested in my life no matter how amazing I think it has been thus far. But if you are, then now is the time to find out what you want to know. Here's a few things you might not know about me:

1.I've been writing poetry since I was seven years old. I've had my work published in a few magazines over the years and I've even won a few national poetry contests.

2.I grew up in a family of twelve kids. My mother had four kids with her first husband and my step-dad had eight with his first wife.

3.I am a hard-core Jazz enthusiast.

4.I LOVE hummus. I can eat the stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is no better food on the face of the earth.

5.I can not dance, not even a little bit. The German is a better dancer than me and so is my daughter.

6.Of all the places I've lived in my lifetime, I loved Madison, Wisconsin most of all. I'm hoping to move back there in a few years if all goes well.

7.I am a video game fan-girl. I play video games on my computer almost every day that I'm up and about. Yeah, that's right. I'm one of those geeky girls with glasses who wear jeans and tennis shoes almost everywhere I go and would gladly sell her right arm for the opportunity to have gone to the E3 this year in order to get a look at the new games line-up for myself. My favorite game is The Sims and I have absolutely every expansion pack from the first and second series.

8.I used to have a birthmark on my back in the shape of a marijuana leaf. Even my doctors said it looked like one and people often asked me if it was some sort of tattoo. It's unrecognizable now due to the radiation treatments and surgeries on my back.

9.I am an NPR junkie and I think that Clear Channel is of the devil.

10.I am a "collector". I collect dolls, rocks, traditional clothing from different countries, and books of Persian and Arabic poetry.

Well, that's it for now. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask and I'll be glad to talk about it. My life is pretty much an open book.


ASH said...

1. I love poetry and have been writing it myself since I was a small boy (although I don't remember how old I actually was).

2.I grew up in a tiny family, both small and large families have advantages and disadvantages.

3. Jazz and Soul are awesome!

4. Hummus is the ultimate comfort food. Although I dig Baba Ghanoush too.

5. Ditto.....not a dancer.

6. My sister was born in Madison, I've never been there. Too cold for me...give me Charleston SC any day and I'm happy.

7. Love da video games....can waste hours. But I'm trying to be more responsible about it.

8. If I had a birthmark it is gone...I have never had one to my knowledge.

9. I like NPR too.....although sometimes they irritate me. Especially on their coverage of Palestine. But it is the best news most of the time.

10. I devour books and collect old coins. I can't read Farsi so Persian poetry books would be lost on me...but Arabic poetry is great!

I figured I would share too.

brownfemipower said...

bint, have you played civilization???

my husband brought that game home one day, and he disappeared and hasn't surfaced since then. :-)
he was literally on the computer playing for the next ten hours, and then he took a three hour nap and got up and played some more. he plays it over and over and over ALL THE TIME.

we're too poor to buy any of the updates or anything, but he's totally cool with that cuz he says the game is so rad cool.

me, you couldn't pay me enough to get in front of a video game. i'm a book girl--give me harry potter or toni morrison, i don't care, i'll read it. i read shampoo ingrediants while going to the bathroom, cuz i just love to read... :-)

Jane said...

Wow, I lived in Madison for awhile, off of East Washington Ave near downtown. I rather miss it and hope to move back as well someday. I especially miss Hong Kong Cafe over by Meriter Hospital. They have killer crab rangoon.

Alli said...

I've been writing poetry for the last few years. I started after my mother's death. Did it as a catharsis. I've been writing since developing my own style.

I love jazz especially Jazz Pianist Keiko Matsui from Japan If you never heard her , look her up.

Bent El Neel said...

err...stupid question...what's NPR??

Bint Alshamsa said...

Hey there's no such thing as a stupid question, Bent el neel!

NPR=National Public Radio

They also have a website where you can go and listen to their broadcasts or find out what station they are on in your city. It's:


Abdul-Halim V. said...

So you should share some of your poetry. Do you have any on your blog?

And Brownfemipower, yes Civilization is like the Mac/PC version of crack.

And yeah, NPR is like the FM version of crack. I"m actually listening to it now.