Monday, March 20, 2006

Mortimer, We're Back In The Game!

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I've been going through thangs! My initial absence was caused by my own hard-headedness. According to my doctors, I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than a cat because of all the slicin' and dicin' I've had done on my chest these past few years. Well, what mother do you know that can avoid having to lift things? Don't get me wrong, if someone said that there was only one last gentleman alive on the earth, I'd still be sure that I've got him right here with me. However, I just don't want to live my life having to ask others for everything. It's bad enough that seeking assistance is sometimes unavoidable. So, the result is that I usually ignore the "heavier than a cat" directions.

The truth is, my daughter is a tweenie and I still pick her up and carry her to her bedroom if she falls asleep on the couch. I know, she's old enough to get up and walk herself but it makes me happy to hold her and have her give me sleepy sugar-kisses as I put her in bed. The German says I should stop doing it but I never listen to him.

Well, perhaps I should pay more attention to what I've been told. I've been babysitting my cousin's daughter, LaPetiteSouris, since her mother started working. Well, I don't really consider it babysitting since she's family and it's great fun having her over to keep VanGoghGirl company. She and VanGoghGirl look so much alike that they could be sisters. Things were going quite well. I watched her a couple of times one week and during that time, I carried both her and VanGoghGirl around, sometimes on my back, sometimes tossing them onto the air mattress we put in the living room for her to sleep on when her mom is working late. Well, at some point I really hurt myself. Carrying VanGoghGirl around does strain my back and arm but it's usually not that bad. I think the combination of both girls is what did me in.

So, while the drugs relieved the throbbing pain, I really wasn't able to get much done besides my personal hygiene and putting my daughter's hair in a ponytail for school--that's the one thing that The German simply hasn't been able to master. As if that little injury wasn't bothersome enough, I suddenly started a migraine episode. I try to sleep through them as much as possible but I still had it even when I woke back up. That kept me away a few more days after my arm and chest were feeling better.

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better now. I can't wait to catch up on my blog. There are a ton of subjects I've been meaning to write about. I just hate when I've been away from writing for more than a day or two. It always seems so hard to start back up. Where do I begin? Well, I'll probably get started in a few hours. For now, I'm going to try and get my forty winks in before it's time to get VanGoghGirl ready for school.

Thank you so much for all those who left those encouraging messages under my last post. I hope that you reap the benefits of showing kindness to others when you encounter your own hard times.


RG said...

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MikeH said...

Bint - You be sure and take good care of yourself - I'm guessing that your daughter and neice weigh just a little more than a cat!!

Been enjoying your blog - glad that you're feeling better - you keep getting better.


btw - Mardi Gras was a "no brainer" this year as far as us brits were concerned - it so had to happen for the sake of New Orleans