Friday, January 27, 2006

Remembering California

About ten years ago, I was staying with my best friend out in L.A. Okay, actually, I was out there trying to hold on to an ultimately-doomed relationship with my boyfriend of three years. It was a really great time in my life though. I was healthy. I was loved. VanGoghGirl was with me. I had finally started college. What more could I have asked for? I have some really great photos from back then too.

I remember the time we spent on Venice Beach. It reminded me of the French Quarter with all of the vendors and street musicians vying for the attention of passers-by. I was so awe-struck but doing my best to seem aloof like everyone else. After all, L.A. is the capital city of Cool, right? We walked along the beach front, my boyfriend and I taking turns holding VanGoghGirl who was only about three years old then.

Even though Venice was fun, Redondo Beach remains my favorite. Along the beach the sand is powdery and clean from the waves dashing everything to pieces when the tide comes crashing in. But the best part of Redondo Beach is the pier. There's the tourist shops where I bought all the souvenirs to send back home like shell anklets and clear containers filled with tiny sea shells that look as if they've been painted by fairies. I remember VanGoghGirl asking me if they were real shells. Watching the sun set while sitting on the pier simply blew my mind. It was if I was witnessing God re-create the beginning of time. Those twilights are still imprinted in my mind all these years later.

I'd love to go back to California and get married on that beach. Beaches are just perfect for marriages. The infiniteness of the sand...The pregnant oceans exposing its secrets with every unrelenting wave...It really was the time of my life. Now I just hope that all of my dreams weren't washed away with the tides.

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