Friday, August 26, 2005

Life is Funny

This morning I decided to google "mandala" images. And I came across some really breathtaking photos on this one site. Then I visited the link to their blog and fell in love with these one-panel stories they had posted on their. I was going through them all when I saw this one and, although it might seem silly, I really felt like I could relate to it.

You see, I have an bone tumor on one of my ribs. Whenever I have to get another scan done to my ribs, I dress up, fix my hair as nicely as I can, and wear my prettiest earrings. It always makes the x-ray technicians smile because I tell them that I got all dolled up because I like to look nice whenever I'm getting my picture taken. Using my time before the scans to dress up helps me not to focus too much on whatever they might see. It helps to keep my day funny regardless of any news I might receive once the doctors take a look at the results.

This picture also reminds me of when I was first diagnosed. I went to the doctor on campus because I had a cold. While I was there, I told him about a back pain that I'd been having for a long time off and on. I figured it was from carrying so many books around campus. Well, he did an x-ray because, since I have lupus, he worried that it might be a fluid build-up around my lungs or even TB since college campuses can be a breeding ground for it. Well, to make a very long story short. It was actually cancer. Now, how's that for life being funny? Sometimes you go in with a cold and you come out with prescriptions. Sometimes you go in with a cold and you come out with cancer. Yet, despite all of that, life is still a wonderfully funny place.

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